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Specialists in Zippers since 1913

Are you looking for a special Zippers store, metallic, thick, nylon, invisible and fancy …? In Almacen de Pontejos Haberdashery we are specialists since 1913 in many types of articles but especially the zippers in a sector that we pay special attention.

Our purchasing department is continuously looking for the best quality and achieving the most competitive prices in the sector. We are always looking for news because “what there is not in Pontejos does not exist”.

Zippers and Types of Zippers

Tipos cremalleras

We all know that a zipper is what makes the closure of clothing, footwear, bags or other objects usually made of cloth or leather, consisting of two strips of cloth with a row of plastic or metal teeth on the sides that fit Or are separated by moving a centerpiece called a carriage that holds the two strips.

But in our store you will find different varieties of zippers with which passionate seamstresses make true wonders.
If you want to know what types of zippers there in our store read on …


cremalleras especiales

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We call special zippers because of their characteristics. They can be waterproof, for borbour, for jackets or water repellents. Enter our section and discover them.


cremalleras metalicas

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So we call the zippers with metal teeth, ideal for jeans. Available with fine or coarse tooth.


cremalleras gruesas

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So we call the zippers with thick teeth and plastic. They are the same color as the fabric.


cremalleras nylon

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The thin nylon zippers are the most used. The teeth are fine and come in the same color as the mesh.


cremalleras invisibles

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So we call the zippers that are used for special garments and are hidden.
This effect is achieved because the mesh covers the teeth of the rack.


cremalleras fantasia

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We call it fantasy because they have spiral teeth and not in the form of a castle. They are usually used in the garments as adornment or decorative.


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